The goal of this program is to help the patient reach his or her health goals pertaining to body composition and quality of living.

4 Pillars of Medical Weight Loss

1. Personalization:

Dieting is difficult, and for many people it yields discouraging results. This program is all about understanding YOUR lifestyle, habits, physiology, genetics, and biochemistry in order to design a plan that will yield unsurpassed results.

2. Brain Neurochemistry Optimization:

For many people, uncontrolled appetite, fatigue, and poor quality of sleep are significant hindrances to weight loss. Through balancing brain neurochemistry with the use of advanced testing and specific medical food protocols, our patients experience a dramatic increase in physical/mental energy, improved sleep quality, and appetite control.

3. Metabolic Optimization:

Many who have tried to lose weight have often lost significant amounts of muscle. Loss of muscle tissue will decrease the body’s ability to burn energy and cause people to be worse off than before they started. Our program increases the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel and protect valuable muscle tissue.

4. Optimal Health:

The goal of this program is to help the patient reach his or her health goals pertaining to body composition and quality of living. Cardiovascular testing is included in the program in order to assess and improve heart health. Genetic testing will tell us what interventions will be effective for you as an individual. Specific nutritional laboratory testing can also be done to improve health outcomes.

Initial Consultation

The first step in our program is an initial consultation with the doctor.

In order to help you reach your goals we need to understand your current condition and challenges.

You’ll meet and consult with the doctor for 45- 60 minutes to discuss your health condition including your family and medical history, as well as investigate other factors that could be contributing to your difficulty in losing weight/improving body composition.

Body Composition Analysis

We will then perform a detailed study of your body composition. Using the advanced technology of -bioelectrical impedance analysis- we will evaluate your muscle mass, body fat, and water content. These measurements are important in the formulation of your treatment plan as well as markers of your progress throughout the program.

Second Visit

Next Step- Testing

When you come back for your second visit, we will proceed with lab testing in order to get the best picture and understanding of your metabolism, heart health, genetics, and overall health status.

Metabolism- This is how your body uses and stores energy. We’ll be able to identify how your body processes food and metabolizes fat.

Heart Health- Excess weight and cardiovascular health are often interrelated. We’ll look at cholesterol levels, genetic markers specific to heart disease, and inflammation levels.

Genetics- We’ll look at your specific genes concerning fat and carbohydrate metabolism, appetite control, response to exercise, and nutritional needs. You’ll finally discover why weight management has been so difficult for you and learn how to “bypass” your genes.

Cardiovascular Genetics: we’ll be able to identify whether you’re predisposed to developing heart disease or a stroke, so we can develop a strategy for prevention.

Overall Health- Your results will help us evaluate your overall health status. We’ll also look at your blood sugar, liver and kidney function, minerals, nutrients, inflammation, and hormone levels.

In the Program

Third Visit: Formulating Your Treatment Plan

During this visit, you’ll meet with Dr. Lum to review the results of your lab tests and establish your health goals. Based on all the testing, history, genetics, and examination, the doctor will design your treatment plan that will include:

  • Goals for weight, body fat, and overall fitness
  • Customized nutrition plan
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Pharmaceutical-grade supplements
  • Medical-Food prescription for appetite suppression (if indicated)
  • Prescribed follow up visits to ensure success

Program Outline

Your treatment program has been specifically designed for you; this includes all interventions as well as prescribed follow up visits. To ensure your success we will need to see you regularly.

A typical program includes:

  • First Month: weekly visits with the doctor
  • Doctor visits every other week thereafter
  • Regular lab testing to monitor medical status
  • Regular body composition analysis for monitoring progress
  • Personal Health Notebook: to track progress and keep all the educational materials you’ll receive
  • Access to high quality, proven nutritional supplements as prescribed by the doctor

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